Saturday, January 22, 2011

Supp. Webcamming with inaa. Fuck. Why she getting prettier. Haha. I dont like pretty people ): naww im kidding. I miss her la fuck ):

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fuck it la. Why cant they just listen to me for once. Just for once. Listen to what i have to say. They all dont know what have been happening to me these 3 days. Full of shit k. Nothing good happened. K eventhough your attitude is like that, i HAVE a heart ok. I have. Im not like some other ppl who got no life and spam ppl. I was minding my own business when you accuse me of something i didnt do. Ya i know. I maybe still have feelings for that kid. But doesnt mean i side her kawan, right? I rather side my own friend. I helped you a lot and you accuse me of doing that? You dont fucking know how much it hurts. You dont. And i fucking accidentally spoilt my mum's laptop cuz i was replying your msg. I fucking risk a lot for you and you accuse me. Fuck la. I rather be dead than alive. Just fucking kill me already. I really need Khairiyah ): fuckfuckfuck. I miss her like fuck la.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

fuck. why the fuck cant i hate the both of you. i just cant. cuz i still fucking care about both of you. i still fucking o k. even though i shouldnt. i dont have the guts to. fuck la :L
today bought LA cap. fucking dad had to make a big fuss. cb. ruined my day la. tmr going to cousin's place. fucccccccck. i feel so fucking depressed right now. pleaseee dont say that stuffs. i dont wanna lose you. fuckfuck. why do i fucking miss A? sigh. please stop thinking about A k thanks. think about __, cheryl cole, and emma watson. can i fucking hug you please? ): i miss you badly.

Friday, January 14, 2011

school is pretty ok these few days. but i got annoyed by some of my friends -.- finally lepaked with eqa and yana. fucking miss them k. oh. and i fucking miss inaabiyol ): so err. i didnt really get to see you today ): fucccck. urgh. i dont wanna stay at my aunt's place. fucking far la -.- wow. my life is fucked up. like seriously. i fucking miss you k ):

Thursday, January 13, 2011

thanks Erna. i finally got to see your really heart melting smile. wow. i died inside. after school had ICT. cheebai mr tan. fucking irritating sia. just fucking die k. kite confident sia Ms Nadzirah take our class. but in th end, she didnt -.- when Ms Nadzirah came in our class, some of th guys, me, erna and syav were like dying. Ms Nadzirah damn pretty la. fuuuuuuuuhhh. fuck yeah. tmr is friday. i miss ellyqa ):

Monday, January 10, 2011

Lloyd daniels. super cute la.
finally chatted with M. though she sound kinda sarcastic. oh and im waiting for someone to text back :l sigh. i want home school. or maybe private school. i rlly hate waking up early urgh. time to finish up my malay hw and go to bed :/ im already tired. asdfghjkl.

hi. you have no idea how im obsessed with Cheryl Ann Tweedy & Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson.
i have no idea why people hate cheryl. well fuck yall haters. cheryl is amazing k. even though she went through all those shits, she's still standing strong. that is why i really love her. she's like my role model. and she's fucking beautiful. her dimples, smile, everything. wow. she turns me on la. haha. damn sexy.
emma watson? what can i say? she's smart and beautiful. which guy wouldn't want her? i love her sense of humor and she's really down to earth.
these two ladies are like my life. i'd do anything to meet them. i really love them as much as i love new era caps. hahah. but yeah. i fucking love them.

serious fuck. why this yr sec 1 batch act big fuck? oh. and youre only one year older than me ok? " sec 2, buat hal sec 2 k?" wtf. you think you so big? eh hello. one year elder than me only k. and youre only SEC 3. if youre 18 then i dont fucking mind. but youre only sec 3 k. dont act as if you have never been to sec 2. bullshit sia your attitude.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

saap. im heading to bed soon. man u vs liverpool. 1-0 half time. wtf. gerrard red card -.- tmr school. urgh. today had dinner at simpang bedok with mum, bros and grandma. had a blast. sooo ermmm. looking forward to school tmr. first time im looking forward to school. wow. $47 more until i can get that LA new era cap. grrrr. oh and thanks bro for teaching me my math. helped a lot. sayang abg. tuesday his birthday. no idea what to get for him :l k bye. need to sleep. i miss you :x OH AND I FUCKING LOVE CHERYL ANN TWEEDY & EMMA CHARLOTTE DUERRE WATSON. they fucking turn me on i swear. haha. k bye need to rest.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

hi. today fucking sucked ok. cb. first day of school and im already hating it. fucked up sec 1s think their so big. fuck you all la fuckers. you dont know anything, just keep your mouth shut. you dont fucking know us. dont fucking mess with us, bitch. think so big? lai. talk face to face la bitch. damn pissed la. you know nothing k. just fucking buat hal sec 1. fuckers. dont make me make your life fucking miserable k.

nice to meet you.


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