Friday, July 30, 2010

Hey suppp . School today was okay . I guess . During recess , there was this group of guys at the back . I thought they were from our school so i didnt care . Then i heard someone screaming . So i sort of follow those guys and one of 'em turned out to be SEZAIRI . I was super shocked i swear . I MISS SEZAIRI LAA . And he goddamn looked so fcking hot plss . Wanted his autograph but maluuu :x Hehee. After school went to DTE with Ellyqa and Alep . Eat , slack then went to bowling place . Jaslindah and her friends over there . Wanted to wait for Jas to finish but then too late . So we went home ah . Idk why but i just dont have the mood right now :/ sigh.

Azlin Sewel!!
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

heyhh!im Azlin Sewel...go here to update this Nadia the lazyy bum bum!! blog cheyhh tk lahhh.....hahhaa...ermmmm....currently chatting with her nw pt msnn...hmmm..bout Nadia eh...she is friendly and kind...lom jumperhhh dher lagy larhhh...miss dher taw!:)...maybe meet dher...nxt week...tgk dulu uhc....dgar dgar nadia suke kacau org yg melatah ehkkk...omg dangerous sak gyni...azlin pon melatarr^^....hhahaha.....k larhhh till here k byee..:)


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yellow (: super lazy to update . Tmr i update laaa .

Monday, July 26, 2010

I have no idea where to put my face when i'm in school. FML SERIOUSLY. Why does this always happens to me? 3 fcking times this happened to me D:

I'M SORRY!! ))))))))))):

Omg laaa. I fcking scared and depressed. I don't want ___ to know. But sooner or ltr she will find out rite? Urgh. Fckkk. I think i shud juz tell her ar. K wtv. I'm over ___ . But whyy is SUHAIRI always on my mind? Haiyoo.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

You have no idea how happy i am right now. FINALLY had the guts to talk to Maneesha. Hahah. Can't wait to go school tmr ^^ Currently chatting with Maneesha ever since like 8.30 plus? Fun y'know talk to her. I loike. Kk. Needa do hw. Bye! ^^v

Woi. You got a problem with me ar? If you have, talk face 2 face ar gerl. Scared uh? Wtv ar. Eh fyi uh, justin fucking bieber sucks. Fuck lar. Do you know how much i hate you? Express buat hal express ar sial. Chow chibai. You think you're so pretty isit? Sorry cket ar, you're fucking short and fugly. I have no idea which guy wants you. Fuck you bitch.

This was at my cousin's house.

Bored D: Maybe going to 148 ltr. Eh. You replied me. Happy ^^v

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Uh hey. Woke up at like 9 plus. Use lappy. Bath and get ready to go out. Went to follow mum go eunos, tamp then to my grandmother's house. Went out at like 12 plus and came home at abt 10pm plus. Realized you were online. But you didn't reply me ): Ah what the heck. Sigh. Looking forward to Monday. I can't wait to see ya.

Note To Self : I Miss You Terribly ))))):

fck i miss you
Friday, July 23, 2010

School was okay uh. Didn't see you again! 3 DAYS OF NOT SEEING YOU. DO YOU KNOW HOW THAT FEELS? D: I miss you soo much. You really need to get your lazy ass online hehe.

K so today after school went to simei with EllyqaTEBIAT to mit Inaabiyol. Ina told us to faster but then, she was the one who was late. Tskk. Then slack under dunno what blk. Then went to Ellyqa's umah. Then went to 126. Got Jaslindah, Yana and Rini. Slackslack. Waited for someone then in the end she say mit tmr-__- wah. Waste our bloody time. Then teman Rini mkn at Long John then went home.

Omg. I miss you so fcking much. I can't fcking wait for monday to come. I really wanna see your cute face (:


Thursday, July 22, 2010

I look so happy in the outside. But deep down i my heart, i fcking hate my life. As each day passes, my life's getting worst. Words can't describe how i'm feeling right now. My friends get to see their crushes like everyday. But me? I don't really see you ): It just hurts so much. I need to see you badly right now. I'm feeling so fcked up right now. I just wanna go to a dark corner and cry my fcking eyes out. My life is in a total disaster. I just want to see you. That's all i'm asking for. Everyday my heart breaks and breaks. Why? G, is the prefect who is taking care of my class during homeroom and assembly. And i noticed you looking at me. You know how much that hurts? It hurts so much. I tried not looking at you. But my heart skips a beat whenever i see you. G, are you still mad at me? I swear i fcking dont know. I mean if you do, why the heck do you still look at me. I really need to get you out of my head. I need to fcking move on. Please do get out of my head. Everywhere i go, you're always on my mind. Hmm, are you purposely trying to break my heart? Guess what, you ARE breaking my heart. You're so good at breaking my heart. Thanks alot ): G, please don't hurt me anymore. I'm begging you. Please. I don't know if i still got feelings for you. I really don't know.

iloveyou A.

i miss you, A ):

Hey. School was okay. My eyes and G's, met each other TWICE today. Fml. So you have been looking at me. Sigh. Soo umm, i didn't see A today D': Fckkkk. I miss you y'know. Haiss. After school went to ISH. Got floorball trial. FINALLY get to see my hunny (: Then blahblah. Then this stupid Samuel HAD to ruined my mood. Knn chow chibai lar him _|_
At abt 5 plus walked to ws. Waited for mum at bus stop. Ate at BK. Then went home.

woi, i miss you ):


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yoo. School was okay. But at one point during assembly i accidentally FCKING LOOKED AT YOU STRAIGHT IN THE GODDAMN EYE. I felt so.... idk. K shh. So cher changed our sitting plan. Fcking love it. So uhm, A didn't went to school today i think D: I didn't see A. Sigh. I miss u!!! Better come to school tmr (: I want to see ur cute face. Hehe.
After school went to ISH. Got floorball trial. Finally get to see my juniors again. Tmr my Hunny will come to Coral! Can't wait. So yeah. Will blog later.

iloveyou, A

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hello (: School was okay. When i was walking towards my classroom, whoa. You were right there with your friends. Damn. I looked away. Didn't even dare to look at you. Then blahblah. My friends noticed that you kept looking at me. Why? K nvm about that. After school went to ws with EllyqaTEBIAT to mit Ina. While walking to ws, saw Rifqi and his friends. Whoa, Rifqi look fcking hot with specs -melts- haha k shh he got gf already-__-

So me, Ellya and Ina walked around ws doing nothing-_- Then went to Simei. Slack under a blk. Gerek yo. Took a video. But won't upload it for the sake of Ellyqa (: Hehe. OOH. ANNISA SUPERD CUTE LAR JUBO HEHE. K DIAM NADIA, DIAM. Went home around 5 plus with Ina. Waiting for my mum to come home. Currently chatting with EllyqaTEBIAT and Rifqi (:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey. School was okay. After school met alep under his blk. Went to pierce snakebite. Goddamnit it hurt like fuck i swear. But it's worth it (: when i went to macs, almost everyone was staring at me D: slackslack. Then suddenly Annisa, Maneesha and Angel sat at the table next to me. I fcking swear they stared at my snakebite.

Annisa superd cute (: k shh. Then Nadzirah came and join. Then soon more sec2s join. Gerek. Told them about ___.
Eh b*tch. Takmo terase leh? That post wasn't for you kay? Kalau nak tipu, agak2 siket uh. All you told us were lies. And kalau tak happy with ___, bbl face 2 face ar sia. You think we like your attitude uh? Eh pls lar. I don't even think i could stay in a same room with you for 1 min. The sight of you makes me wanna puke. Kau ingat kau cantik sgt eh? Eh, cermin diri kau dulu ar sey. Kau panggil org b*tch beh kau? Tak b*tch ar? Sorry siket eh. Kau b*tch paling besar di dlm skola ni. Kau ingat kau paling bagos di dlm skola ni eh? Uhyer in your dreams ar sia. Think before you speak aye girl? And you're such a coward. Why must tell principle? Ohhh. I forgot. No one wanna back you up. Like who wants to. Eh girl. Kekek ar lu -claps hands- Bravobravo. I salute you ar-__-

will blog ltr.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hmm hi. Woke up at like 11 plus. Use laptop. Mom came home, ate. Bath. Then use laptop.
Currently listening to Kate Voegele songs. My wife (: hehe. Texting EllyqaTebiat. Woi i miss her like crap D':

I've been waiting all my life.
And now i've found ya.

I really miss those memories )': Seriously. I looked at those photos again and i almost cried. I dreamt of Tabitha twice O.O like wth. I just miss 'em so much! D': I really wanna mit them as soon as possible if i can. I'll do whatever to mit them again. Haiss D':


i love you?

Sapzx. Woke up at 9. It was raining. So decided to sleep back. Woke up at 12. Ate, then use laptop. Bath at 2 plus. Then went out at 3.30 plus? Wanted to go to Orchard to watch mummy perform. Me and my mum went out late-__- Tsk. Reached Orchard at 5 plus. Mummy and her band was already performing. Most of the songs were Paramore songs (L) i loike.

I seriously can't believe mummy could screamo. Like wtf awesome.
Mummy: Uh so, this is the last song for the night.
Her friend: Night?
Mummy: OH! *laughs* i mean evening.
Me:*burst out laughing*
xD She's so funny. Oh. Mummy smiled at me. I swear i blushed :D

After i watched her perfomance, i ate at pastamania with mom. Then went to somerset 313. Went to HMV and i bought an All Time Low mtv unplugged dvd. $15 only :D After that went home. Reached home at about 9.30pm. Currently texting EllyqaTEBIAT ((:
K bai fckers.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Hi i'm so bored. Currently texting EqaTebiat and chatting with Lily.
Mendakkkkk D: photobucket is pissing me off tsk.



Supsupsup. Didn't go to school AGAIN. Forgot to put alarm and my dad didn't wake me up-__-
K so at like one plus met Alep then go Simei. Saw Dina in the bus. Paiseh bdh. Then went to buy some stuffs then ate then went to Ellyqa's house. After her mum and her aunty went to EP, me, Ellyqa and Alep went inside the room and made videos.

Omg. Don't think dirty-___- Alep was fcking fuuny i swear. Smth happened which totally made my day i swear (: Kay i think i still like you. I just don't know D: Kay bye (((((((:

Thursday, July 15, 2010



Hello. WAS webcamming with Elleyana. Watching B2st videos.
DongWoon!! K so i'm dying to get snakebite. Srsly budo.
K bye :D

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Am i still in love with you? I hate this feeling.
The feeling of falling in love.
I really goddamn hate that feeling. I still can't get over you.
I have no idea why. Nadiaa get over ___ plz.
Urgh k wtv.

I think Allie Dimeco is fcking cute. Don't know who she is?
_|_ YOU. Hahah joke -__- Go check youtube lar.
I think Joe Jonas is hot and sexy.


Joseph Adam Jonas. Damn he's getting hotter.

K soo. Didn't went to school today. Woke up late. Don't really have plans
today. The damn weather is killing me -__-
Listening to Angkasa by Hady Mirza repeatedly. Nice \m/


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I heart them.

fck this shit

Uh hi. Today was alright. Something happened in school
which kinda made my day. Here it goes..
Me: Eh syaf, kalau __ walking pass, blg aku tau.
Syafiqah: Uh okay.
Me: Make sure tau.
Syafiqah: -nods head-
*realised someone is walking pass*
*turn my head and saw YOU walking pass*
Me: Eh wth.
Syafiqah: -laughs
Like wtf. I was talking about you then suddenly you walked pass.
Didn't slack today. Lazy and tired.

maddie jane

That's Maddie freaking Jane. 11 yrs old only. Yet awesome.She's so cute and pretty. Fck i love her. The smile at the end brightens up my day (:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No damn mood the whole day. Eventhough i looked happy.
School, _|_ fck everyone. Ess the sec 1s. Stress sia.
Knn. No mood to post anything. Haiss.
Fck my life. K bye.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Haha -__- I was bored okay.

Did you know that SPAIN WON THE WORLD CUP 2010?!
Awesome lar sey. K today didnt went to school.
Early in the morning, my bro prangai_|_ Cb btol.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I shall blog abt what i did ytd.

Watched Eclipse with Juliana and her boyf. But halfway
watching the movie, her boyf had to go home. After watching the movie,
went to cousin house. Slack then go home. Watching The World Cup Finals right now.
Boring-__- Still 0-0. Common Spain!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Eh. Fck bdh. I typed something fcking long then i pressed smth then everything gone. Cb knn fck lar-__-


Blogging through phone. Mum using the laptop. Fcking no mood. I have no mood. I'm sorry kay Alep? I know you waited for me for a long time but then in the end i can't go. I just don't have the mood to slack right now. I just wanna be alone. I wanna fcking go on hiatus. But i can't. Fckkkk.

Currently listening to Shock by B2st. Addicted. Urgh. I miss ___ . So fcking badly ):


Friday, July 9, 2010

Sup? School sucked. After school had a match with OPSS. Fcking
happy when i made the equalizer (: But then we lost.
It's okay girls. We tried our best already. Charell almost made me cry!
Swit lar she (:

Everywhere i go, i see you. Fck. I hate this feeling.
When i was in the school hall, i wanted to look behind and see what time it is,
then when i exactly turn, i saw you. Like wtf?
Oh. Few days ago, me and my friends were sitting outside the bookshop.
Then you walked pass and talked to your friend. You and your friend were
standing in front of me. While you were talking to your friend, you looked at me.
But why?? Pls do me a favour and stop hurting me. It hurts alot y'know ):
iloveyou k.

Today is my one month anniversary with my hunny bunny :D
I love my hunny bunny!


is this love?
Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ehh. Sorry tak update. Had no time. Wait.
Lazy. Hahahah.

Ytd went to Orchard. Bro blanja mkn :D Tyvm. Iloveyou!
K then went to Ellyqa's house. Lepaklepak. Then mit Kak Ida then went home.

Today school was fcked up :\ Went to watch the boys match. They
drew RI 1-1. Alep scored! Cantik bdh! Ahahh. Then went to eat at ws with Jurah, Alep,
Joseph, Nigel, Muhammad. Then Tuti, Wulan, Shervinn and Julie came. They join us.
Funfunfun^^ Then went home. Currently webcamming with Elleyana. Mendak D:

i think you're cute
Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sigh): I feel really bad for the whole floorball girls team.
I'm really sorry but i cant play tmr. Family probs.
Make sure you girls win aite? All the best aye.

K so today after school went to ws with Ellyqa. Then walkwalk suddenly saw Rifqi. Then
we went to macs. Talked. Then finally Elleyana came. Then mit Alep then went to Simei.
Slack at 130. Slept while waiting for Kak Ida. Tired y'know. Heheh.
Then finally Inaa and Kak Ida came at like 5 plus. Then forward forward. Went to EP , ate then went home.

Goddamit. FINALLY i met that pantat. But then we mit for awhile only sial.
Cbcb. Nvm. Next time can mit :D

Monday, July 5, 2010

Webcamming with Ellyqa is fun ^^v
Should do that often. K i want to sleep. Bye (:

Mls nak update-___- Tapi for the sake of Ellyqa ehh.(ah yelar tuu)

Mit Alep at 12 plus. Went to simei. Teman Alep, Yz and Lutfi gi arcade-_-
Then went to Ellyqa rumah. Slack. Ingat Inaa nak dtg. Tapi muka dier tak muncul2.
Ishhhh. Pantat tuu. Then went home. K bai. Lazy to type. Thinking if i should do my hw.
Oh tmr ade health check uppp.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Morning? Hahah. Just woke up.
Sooo, i shall blog about ytd.
Mit Alep at 3 plus? Then went to Simei.
Mit Ellyqa and Yana. Yana's hair wuz like
a lion aye? ^^ Hahahah. Then went inside Ellyqa's house.
I swear her mum damn supportive. Like soo aweshomee. Hahhaha.
K then Kak Ida came at like 6 plus? or 7 plus. Alep played the Hotel 626(?)
game. He scared himself. Wth-__-

Then we walked to EP. Teman Kak Ida mkn. Bean Sabine aye? Hahahah.
Ellyqa, Elleyana and Kak Ida only knows ^^v Want me to rap again?
:D I love them luhh.

You see that girl up there? That's my pantat. Hahahhah.
Nur Sabrina Binte Abdul Aziz, aku rindu kauu banget!
))))): Dah lamer tak jumpe oiiiiii! Mit up soon aye??

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Uh hi. Woke up early in the morning.
Used lappy till like 12 plus. Ate and bath.
Then continue using the lappy.
Maybe gonna slack ltr with clique.
Bored lar-__- Oh. I think my smiley teared abit.
Pain siol. I want to get snakebite after my smiley tear
completely. Seriously. Urghh. Hurry up tear.
Hahah joke. K i starting to love B2st.
Especially Dongwoon. He hot lar.
He reminds me of Alex Gaskarth :D
K bai.


-__- bored sia. I miss my cliques lar.
Ytd slack with Alep, Matrep, NF and Fatin.
Fatin funny sia. NF so short! HAHA.
Slack at like 6 plus came home at like 9.
Nagged by dad -_-

Omfg. The weather is fcking cold lar.
Cbcb.K bye.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hiiiii. Disturbing Inaa is fun ^^v
Uat per i nak blg u kalau i tindek? xD
Mepekk siaa kitee.
Tapi fun uh. Keep me company :D

Eh. Wtf sial. Brazil lost to
Netherland. What a disgrace-__-
Losers whutt.
Spain ftw lar. K i have no idea why i'm already tired right now.
-__- k bye.

Fake snakebites. Hee :P
But nice right?
Hah. Ego-__-
Kay. Today didnt go to school.
Lazy uh.
Hahah. Then met Alep, Ellyqa and Yana at ws.
Then go simei, tamp then home.
Currently watching Scary Movie.
Funny sial.
K i lazy to type.

i heart you
Thursday, July 1, 2010

I think imma rant here.
So..., i still love you. I'll change for you. Ever since you stead with ___ , i swear i was jealous. No words can describe how happy i am that you guys broke up. I want/need you back): I'm so sorry for breaking your heart. I didnt mean to. I'm really sorry. I love you!

Supzx. Got a smiley piercing. Thanks ___ for blanja-ing me. School today sucked. Fck la. Everywhere i go, everything reminds me of G. My heart is still broken though.
But i love ___ . I tried to forget him but i cant ): i want him back. Im so stupid to let him go.

nice to meet you.


Preferred to be known as Nad. 14. Att. Dianna Agron turns me on. Life sucks, deal with it.

scream out loud